#showertune: ‘the distance’ by cake

morning all, and what a fine day we all have to enjoy. here’s a thought, why not do the following things in it?

1. smile profusely at the first stranger you see.

2. tell every stranger than you interact with to ‘have a great day’ american style (but mean it).

3. whistle, hum or sing today’s #showertune out loud when you walk anywhere.

4. refuse to think negatively about things or people you encounter without good reason.

5. reflect on five things you are really grateful for in your life.


OK, bullshit self-help mode off, skeptical realism re-engaged. seriously, here’s a video i like, to encourage you to refuse to be a ‘winner’ and inspire you to run away if you wear a suit to or from your office, or do any kind of boring conformist type job.

It’s of The Distance by Cake

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