#showertune: ‘both sides of the gun’ by ben harper

today marks 343 years since the first recorded successful blood transfusion. Jean-Baptiste Denys, physician to Louis XIV used blood from a sheep to revive a 15 year old boy who had been bled with leeches 20 times.

Denys’ subsequent trials were less successful and shortly after the procedure was banned, first in France, then across Europe. The technique reemerged in the C19th, but it was only when Karl Landsteiner discovered blood types in 1901 that transfusions became a stable and viable treatment.

where else, i imagine you’re already inquiring, could all this talk of transfusions be leading us but to the revelation that today’s #showertune is the funk soaked, but merely tangentially related Both Sides Of The Gun by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals? nowhere. else. is the answer

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