#showertune: ‘you know that i’m no good’ by amy winehouse

now that everyone supposedly hates banks, it’s seems strange that we still allow them two holidays in May. i guess when it comes down to it, hate them or hate them, we’ll always forgive them and take them back because we can’t do without them. also, they have what’s left of our money.

today’s #showertune is You Know That I’m No Good by shuffling neglected horse-alike and ‘how does that come out of there?’ conundrum Amy Winehouse

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  1. Ten men down like Roger Moore? or tear men down? I have never understood that lyric.

    • it’s ‘tear men down’ – i think the idea is that he is going after men, i guess randomly, because he knows she’s having an affair, because he knows that she’s no good. why that is like roger moore, i’m not quite sure (tv burp poetry corner).

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