#framleyclip: holmes for sail

#framleyclip: the winner of our competition to work out why my neighbour persists in giving me strange cuttings from our local paper was Sian-Alan Hanson-Lloyd from Londonish Town, Kent.

Sian-Alan cleverly deduced that my neighbour Sue probably hates me and wants me to move away. The Hanson-Lloyd Thesis as no experts are yet calling it has been today been supported by the appearance of a new clipping presumably from Sue which was this time not handed to me by the same but sellotaped to the middle of the outside of my front-kitchen window intended-reading-side in.

Sian-Alan wins the lifetime supply of Co=op funerals whilst the opportunities to punch baroness tHATchEr were won by Lennox Lewis anDrew unWorthy and Dame Judi Dench. details of her forthupcoming public appearances have been emailed to the addresses you gave – i hope you all get her good.

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    • Drew
    • May 11th, 2010

    Prize refund required. Lennox got first dibs and there wasn’t much left for me to go on after the first jab.

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