#electionearings: the illusion of similarity

the telebox has been full over the last few days of the faces of the most cretinous people being stopped in the street and asked if and who they are voting (for) and why (/not).

although i die a little inside to think that the BNP UKIP or the Tories actually have supporters the most depressing answers that these shuffling souls were giving were things in the order of “i don’t vote ‘cos it’s boring” or “i’m not interested in politics” or “they’re all the same so it doesn’t matter.” people who agree with the first two sentiments are probably beyond salvation but just incase you – dear well-informed and politically astute RQT reader – know anyone who is dense enough to spout something like the third sentiment here is just one set of data (from many) that you can show them as evidence that once all the spin and PR has faded there are chasmic differences between the centre left and centre right in terms of the actual day-to-day business of voting trends.


even if we can’t (and i think we can) reasonably take LGBT issues as being indicative of overall trends when it comes to social reforming policy i find these numbers very sobering and they certainly don’t point to fundamental similarities in ideology.

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