#gastrognome: eat london

all of the full-time staff here at RQT have spent the last week working in london. while there we took the opportunity to let the #gastrognome loose in the capital to seek out some lesser known spots to chow down. here’s where he ended up:

Kum Luang, 326-328 Creek Road, Greenwich. se10 9SW: specialising in thai food but offering an array of broader pan-asian options on the menu, this diminutive restaurant a few streets from the waterfront was something of a surprise. in my experience eating out is 90% about expectation, and i’d been introduced to this place on the strength of its low prices – so i was perhaps not expecting too much. it would be true to say that it is fairly simply decked out with something of a ‘budget’ feel, but when our food arrived i was impressed with the quality as well as the promised value for money. my gnome friends and i shared a platter of prawn toasts, crispy seaweed, vegetable spring rolls and spare ribs as a starter and i ordered a dish of duck with spring onions and plum for my main. the food was hot, tasty and plentiful although the service was not what you would likely call ‘enthusiastic’ or ‘swift’. they also stuck somewhat pedantically to an unusual ordering method involving a slip which you filled out and handed to the waiting staff. i would not necessarily recommend Kum Luang for an evening out, but as somewhere to drop in for a cheap, tasty weekend lunch (as we did) it fits the bill well. with starters at around £2 and most mains between £4 and £5, it’s fairly easy to deal with the quirks. probably not one for a date though.

Jaguar Shoes, 34-36 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch. E2 8DA: best known as a bar cum über-kool hangout for the most angular haircuts in shoreditch, ‘Jag Shoes’ also boasts a dinner menu with some surprisingly sophisticated pasta options alongside the more standard bar-fare. i enjoyed a rather delicious melanzane parmigiana served with some nice flat-bread. my date had penne al salmone and no complaints. the house wine was pleasant and the staff were friendly (which is an ‘extra’ in this part of town). as with all such places, swerve around friday and saturday night and check it out on a monday or tuesday.

Yum Cha, 27-28 Chalk Farm Road, Camden. NW1 8AG: while this singaporean restaurant offers a full menu of delights, when i went my fellow diners and i were out for one thing and one thing only – dim sum. on a monday, tuesday and wednesday they offer their steamed/fried parcels of wonder at half the usual price and we cashed in in a big way. we ordered a plethora of dumplings filled with scallops, spiced vegetables, pork, duck, squid, shrimps and beef in a variety of sauces and arrangements. as our food began to arrive we watched bamboo steamer after bamboo steamer being piled on our large table until very little of the cloth or the faces of those opposite remained visible. we gorged and it was freaking delicious. i ate the volume of my own head in dumplings and more and paid £10 (including tip) for the privilege. i can’t recommend Yum Cha because that would let the secret out and i want to get a table there whenever i please. so don’t go – it’s rank.

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    • Drew
    • May 4th, 2010

    I am in love with the gastronome. In a freaky way.

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