#framleyclip: when nerds @tack

#framleyclip: here we go again. my neighbour has once more been keenly snipping and this time she’s given me this load of useless nonsense.

can you make any sense of why she does it?

can you stop her?

in fact, let’s make it a competition: the grand prize – a lifetime’s supply of cremations* (thanks to Co-operative Funeral Care) – will be won by whomsoever comes up with the best solution to my problem and tells me about it. Three runner-ups will each win the opportunity to punch Baroness Thatcher once.**

[*closing date 10/05/10. entrants must be computer-literate and over the age of 9. prize cremations are valid only for the co-op’s cheapest and most standard package which are boring and cannot be customised in any way and are strictly non-transferable. **stated opportunities will involve being told where she is if we see her. punches cannot be directed directly at any vital organs (n.b. any accidental ricochets into life-sustaining organs will not be penalised. if you hurt your hand on ‘The Iron Lady’ that is your lookout).]

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