#tirednewsflash: spelt spells racism


the Australian imprint of Penguin Books has been left reeling after a ‘spelling error’ in a popular cookbook meant that readers attempting Spelt Tagliatelle with Sardines and Prosciutto were advised to add “…salt and freshly ground black people“. While all the books yet to be shipped to retailers have been pulped and reprinted – at an estimated cost of A$20,000 – those already on the shelves will apparently not be recalled due to the ‘extreme difficulty’ involved.

the incident is not the only recent race related controversy to emanate from down under coming as it does only a few months after a group of white doctors blacked-up to impersonate the Jackson 5 on the popular Australian variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday. the world was shocked by both the act and the apparent bemusement of the audience and presenter in response to the utter dismay of guest judge American Harry Connick Jr..

writing in the Daily Express former film director food writer and notorious faux-posh cock Michael Winner suggested that just like the shocking televised dance routine this latest incident seems to imply more than ‘simply an innocent error’ – “If it had happened in any other country” Winner jibed “Britain, South Africa, Germany or wherever, then it wouldn’t have seemed so bad, but we all know that Australia has a real history of racism and that Australians are a fundamentally racist people”.


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