#getyourgeekon: touch up

time to #getyourgeekon with my tried-and-testedly favourite ipod touch apps…

Stanza: it’s free it’s superb to use and if you’re strapped there are tons of free ebooks around to read with it (peep Project Gutenberg)

★ WeBe: turn your touch into a remote mouse over a network or by bluetooth. best of all if you’re not near a network it can create a remote one. well worth a splash

★ SoundHound: want to know what that song on the tv or radio is? it costs £3 but it is simply brilliant at recognising music – even a hum or whistle will usually work. (obviously owners of older models will need to get a mic for this app but there are plenty of good cheap options out there – i have this for SH and dictation and this for skype)

(nb. i do not condone the use of apple stock ‘phones yes it sucks that you pay a ton of cash for an ipod and get such crap to listen to it with but if you’re using the white wonders you need to man-up and splash for working-ears’ sake. try these these these or these)

Sleep Cycle: 59p for this probably equates to one of the top five bargains of my lifetime. it has little short of revolutionised my sleeping. you put your ipod/iphone in your bed and it uses the accelerometer to monitor your movement and chart the cycles of your sleep. it will then wake you up whenever you enter a light phase of sleep up to half an hour before a predetermined time. i feel about a billion times more rested when i wake this way. simply genius

OffMaps: offmaps is great for touch owners since the native maps app isn’t that useful unless you’ve got a MiFi or are in manhattan or some other widely wifi-ed place. the idea is that you download the maps of where you’re going before you head off (you can choose various levels of  detail). once downloaded they’re there for good and just a little forethought can leave you better off than smug iPhone/MiFi owners who might find themselves stuck if they can’t get a signal

Encyclopedia: another winner for touch users. it’s a dump of wikipedia which can be accessed offline, anywhere. it does cost £5 and it does swallow 2gb of space and it can take a while to download the dump (although it is set up so that downloads can be interrupted and resumed at will) but then it is access-anywhere wikipedia – which totally rules

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