#piecesofeight: eight free mac background apps/addons

★ StartupSound.prefPane: A preference pane which allows you to change the volume of or mute the annoying sound that Macs chirp when you turn them on.

★ Perian: A must-have open-source QuickTime component that fixes the lack of support for various video formats.

★ HotBox: A great background app that allows you to drag a box around anything and make it fullscreen (a useful companion to the native ctrl+scroll screen zoom).

★ Cursorcerer: A super simple background app that allows you to set a hotkey to hide the cursor until the mouse/trackpad is next touched.

★ CapSee: A tiny background app which displays a native style screen notification when the caps lock key is pressed.

★ Caffeine: A background app that sits on the menu bar and, when activated, stops your Mac from going to sleep, dimming the screen or activating the screensaver (particularly useful for MacBook battery calibration).

★ Jumpcut: A useful clipboard buffering app that sits on the menu bar and gives you easy access to the clipboard’s history.

★ DropBox: A genius online backup and file-sharing app.

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