#piecesofeight – eight films with eight word reviews

here are eight films i’ve watched lately, each with an eight word review:

Kingpin (1996) [DVD]: the second best bowling based comedy i own

Green Zone (2010) [cinema]: bourne meets newsnight. sadly falls between two stalls

A Single Man (2010) [cinema]: stylish, sensitive and searching. tom ford done good

The Hurt Locker (2009) [DVD]: only insurgents do killing. propaganda in oscar tux

Pulp Fiction (1994) [DVD]: about 30th watch, i ‘dig it the most’

Marnie (1964) [DVD]: a sharp freudian thriller with interesting sexual politics

Be Kind Rewind (2008) [DVD]: funny, sincere and makes me cry every time

Un prophète (2009) [cinema]: smart, cool but baffling french grit prison pic

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